How a Title IX Lawyer Can Help

Title IX federal law prohibits discrimination and harassment of gender in public schools, colleges and universities. Students who violate Title IX can face disciplinary action, suspension or expulsion from schools, as well as academic credit loss.

It can be difficult and overwhelming to file a Title IX complaint at college or university. An experienced attorney can help you navigate the process and protect your rights.

After you have been discriminated against, you have the right to file a Title IX claim within 180 days. The sooner you report the act, the sooner the Office of Civil Rights can investigate it.

If your college/university is a party in a Title IX Investigation, it must provide an impartial, prompt, confidential investigation. It must also give you the opportunity to have an advocate represent you during the proceedings.

In addition, the investigation must be free from any retaliation by the school or by any other parties. You have the right, at any time, to be notified by an attorney about your rights and to obtain a copy or the report of the investigator.

The Title IX lawyer Tallahassee process involves an extensive investigation that includes interviews with both complainant and accused as well as any other relevant evidence. This can include text messages, voice mails, and documents that may help support the claim.

Once the Title IX investigators have gathered all the relevant information, they are able to start compiling the findings. To collect any documentation or contact details, the investigator will also contact witnesses.

When the investigation is complete, it will be presented to the university or college and both parties will have a chance to comment on it. The school will also decide whether or not to impose sanctions.

The most common penalties for violating Title IX include suspension and expulsion. This can affect a student’s financial status as well as the future of their school. It can also impact their eligibility for employment, especially in positions that involve interaction with youth or children.

These repercussions may have devastating consequences for a student’s future. It’s important to consult an experienced attorney immediately.

You can also file an action against the school or teacher for violating your Title IX rights. However, it is important to not miss the statutes of limitations in your particular state.

A lawyer can help collect evidence and challenge your accuser’s credibility. They can also help prepare your case for trial.

The attorneys at our firm are experienced in handling misdemeanor and felony criminal cases in court, which will add an extra layer of protection for you in the disciplinary process. They are also familiarized with due process, which is the process to follow when investigating a Title IX matter.

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