How to Start a Bounce House Rentals Business

Bounce House Rentals

You can make money by renting bounce houses if you enjoy jumping and playing around with inflatables. It requires a relatively small investment, and you can easily expand your services by adding water slides or obstacle courses to your offerings.

Target market: children and adults

While most bounce house businesses cater to children, some are geared more towards the adult audience. These companies provide bounce houses for schools, churches and other events.


If you’re renting bounce houses individually or in a fleet, you need to ensure that you have liability and business insurance. This is important to protect your business from financial losses and ensure that it can continue to operate legally. For more


Depending on your location, you may need to obtain different licenses for the bounce house business. The requirements can vary from state to local level, so make sure you check before you start.


In addition to the initial purchase of equipment, you will need to budget for ongoing costs. These costs include insurance, staff and general running expenses for your business.

The ongoing costs vary by location but are hard to predict. If you own a vehicle to transport goods, for example, you will need to maintain its condition and make sure that it can travel in safety

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