Why You Need a Title IX Lawyer

An experienced attorney can help you protect your rights, whether you are facing allegations of sexual assault or other forms of discrimination at school. Your Title IX lawyer can provide legal advice, assist you in gathering evidence, obtain statements from witnesses, as well as represent you during the hearing or appeal process.

Your Right to a Fair Hearing

Title IX hearings under federal law are mandatory for colleges and universities. This hearing imposes sanctions on any institution found guilty or suspected of sexual harassment, discrimination, or both. These sanctions can include the suspension of a student from the campus, loss of academic credit, and removal from any housing or employment opportunities.

The alleged misconduct must be based on an objectively serious violation of the school’s policies or practices. The allegations must also be supported by evidence of a causal connection between the alleged conduct, and school policies or practices.

A Title IX coordinator at a school must conduct an investigation in an equitable and fair way. This is to ensure that both sides have equal access to the proceedings. Schools must ensure that there is no conflict of interest. This includes investigators and decision-makers who have a personal relationship with the complainant.

If you are facing a Title IX investigation, it is crucial to speak with an attorney as soon as possible. This is because there is a short window of time in which to appeal the school’s findings.

Title IX – Your rights

Schools are under immense pressure to adhere to Title IX. Therefore, they will often defend themselves against such claims as best possible. However, if the school does not handle the case properly, it can face legal liability and could be exposed to a lawsuit.

Your Title IX Lawyer Spartanburg will fight for your rights and ensure that the school conducts the hearing fairly. Your lawyer may be able, depending on the outcome, to have the charges against your dropped or reduced or have the school drop the charges altogether.

The Defense of Sexual Discrimination against Women

The interpretation of evidence is a key challenge in a Title IX Investigation. Although investigators are expected not to bias or make assumptions about the evidence, they must still evaluate it objectively. It is important to hire a New York Title IX lawyer to challenge any evidence and ensure that every stone is taken.

The underlying goal of the Title IX law is to eliminate sex discrimination in education and training. Schools cannot discriminate against someone on the basis their gender in counseling or guidance services. Schools cannot use different materials or testing for students based upon their gender. Schools must ensure they have sufficient resources to deal with discriminatory behavior.

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